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Proverbs 3:5-6
  • Too pretty

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    Love Mindy….so awesome.


    Do y’all see why she is me?

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    My current fashion inspirations are: 



    And Teyonah Parris


    Because I’m tryna look fly as hell, ya’ll

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    YBMG xo

    To be honest.

    Yes this!!!!! 💯

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    LOVE them!!!

    They look so good together!

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    Sam Heughan

    CBS This Morning Interview (x)

    That 2nd gif.



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    Another oldie but goodie! screengeniuz

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  • "So many people refuse to identify as a feminist because when they hear the word, they don’t think about the equality of the sexes. Instead, they think of a bitter, defiant, man-hater. This is sad for two reasons. For one, this isn’t an accurate depiction of what a feminist is. Second, and most importantly, in rejecting the woman who is bitter, defiant, and untrusting of men, you forget that there was a time when she was soft, blithe, and ingenuous until a man she trusted wounded her so deeply that she refuses to risk feeling that pain again. And instead of caring to ask, “Who did this to you?” you shame her lack of compassion, and in doing so, you forfeit your own."
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